One of the regular features at the Hedge Society is Our Daily Bird; a tidbit of art or story or music that has something avian about it.  I went hunting for Daily Birds the other day, and found this egg at the National Film Board’s online archive

I would love to be adept with the personal blog.  I don’t know how; the cat’s got my digital tongue.  I blister with the slow-burning fret of wanting to be seen and understood and not having the tools to get there, where you are, from this lonely here.

Until I figure out how to do that, this video is my proxy.

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Hi, I'm René.  First I was an artist.  Then I became a mom.  Then, as it turned out, I was an autism mom.  Now I'm an artist again.

(I'm still a mom.)

This is a place to figure it all out. Or maybe not 'figure it all out' so much as 'sit back and watch the cage match'.

Fruityfantastica* can be roughly divided into two categories: marvellous stuff of all kinds done by other people, and my own work.

If you want to see other people's stuff, you can go here: other people are wonderful.
My studio work, bits of writing & other oddments are here: I made this.
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I'm also a contributor at the Hedge Society. What is a Hedge Society, you ask? It's a group of friends paying attention to things that are hopeful, beautiful, silly, tasty, helpful, interesting, infuriating, ordinary, and sometimes y.

You can email me:  fruityfantastica(at)gmail(dot)com
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*Fruity Fantastica was my Tetris high score name. I was a pretty good Tetris player, and if you think that's bluster just go ahead and ask Meaty Magnifico about it. Later, Fruityfantastica became a code word for my potential to be something better than I was. Now it's a hairshirt I wear online to remind myself that I am also ridiculous.